TDF2018 Stage 16 Transition to the Pyrenees, IGP Ariège Tour de French Wine, Fait Du Bruit


Stage 16 – 7/24/18 Carcassonne to Bagnères La Luchon 218 km Mountain

Quite a bit of drama on this transition stage, the farmers were out in force protesting the reduction in European Union funding but their protest got sidetracked when police used pepper spray to halt a farmer and it affected the riders in the peloton. Sadly, the farmer’s message got lost amid the melee.

Alaphilippe wins the Stage and Thomas is still the wearer of the yellow jersey. The region, the Ariège Department is technically within the southwest France wine region but it is really neither here nor there in terms of wine. There is an IGP however.




I came across this place to stay in the area, Domaine de Marlas. Marcel Michelson in a post on Reuters years ago wrote about the Ariège IGP:

“On the other side of the Pyrenees, the sunny side in Spain, there are the wines from Navarra and Rioja. To the east lie the French vineyards of Corbieres and the Cotes de Malepere, while Irouleguy in the Basque country and Madiran lie to the west.


Here in the Ariege region, the vines had been uprooted to make place for grain farms for bread in Toulouse and to feed the cattle in the gentle plains along the river Hers, which meanders past the Mediaeval town of Mirepoix, best-known for its carved wooden arcades along the central square.”

Wine-searcher has this description. So for this leg, I highlight Dominik Benz, an organic winery that is noted for his creative labeling of his wines.

Dominik Benz (2)


His Fait Du Bruit, cabernet sauvignon, merlot blend is rather fitting for what happened today on the Tour, the farmers made a lot of noise. This area at the foot of the Pyrenees looks absolutely beautiful. No wonder the farmers were protesting to help keep it rural and protect the area.

imagesOnto the Pyrenees!


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