TDF2018 Stage 10 The Mountains, The Savoie and Domaine Belluard


Rest day, the French are probably still celebrating the World Cup win but it is a completely new race, we are in the southeast in the Haute-Savoie for Stage 10, the mountain stages. Stage 10, Annecy to Le Grand-Bornand, 158.5km through the mountains and the wine region of the Haute-Savoie. Julian Alaphilippe takes the first mountain stage win!


The areas near Bonneville are included in the  regional Vin de Savoie AOC  which encompasses all of th vineyards of Savoie. Near Bonneville mostly the white grape, Altesse is grown (French Wine Scholar Guild Manual). However surrounding the village of Ayse, they largly grow the native grape Gringet and the producer responsible for bringing this local grape back is Domaine Belluard. One of my first posts during the year I started this blog was on Domaine Belluard.

Selection Massale Domaine Belluard

So for the first mountain stage, I celebrate the organic wines of Domaine Belluard.

Dominique Belluard – Domaine website

Domaine Belluard, Le Feu, 100% Gringet


Onto Stage 11!!! Salut!

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